Word salad explanations weren’t necessary for  Charles Darwin to explain his theory of evolution that explains every living thing on Earth.


Short of Physics, mathematics, medicine etc why would you expect or accept anything less from issues that aren’t trying to explain black holes or heart surgery. Social issues are complex but you don’t need a dictionary by your side to try to make sense of them and anyone who can’t express their views in plain English are wasting yours and their own time.


We are all guilty from time to time of using big words to make ourselves sound a little bit more photosynthesis but one person comes to mind more than others that mans name is Michael Eric Dyson. He is a professor of sociology Georgetown university or as Stephan Fry called him in a Munk debate a snake oil salesman. He seems to think Alliteration coupled with big words makes his arguments and sentences coherent and valid. Dyson also called Jordan B Peterson A mean mad white man as if that were an appropriate thing to say in a debate in front of huge live and online audience.

Listen to the lunacy and try to follow along. It seems he has no intention of formulating an argument or rebuttal that is relevant. He is only trying to win using big words. Enjoy your word salad.

Sernie Banders


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