The Castle. The story of the Kerrigan family and their battle against a large corporation armed with governmental over reaching power. Attempts to remove the Kerrigan’s unwilling from their from the family home. The story has made me wonder why aren’t Aussies more conservative and believe in truly Liberal ideas. 


Most Australian’s who grew up or were grown in the 90’s have seen this classic Australian Drama/Cult film. It explores one of the most fundamental classical liberal and conservative principles. Limited government, individual liberty and the right to private property. Although I even watched this in school yet seemed to have missed the message and carried on the typical young person journey of building left leaning view of the world.


4 factors to name a few in the millennial generation (my generation) being notoriously left leaning, they are the Iraq war, the global financial crisis. 9/11 and the self esteem movement. All we heard was that the Iraq war was a unjust war and entered into under false pretenses (that’s a story for another time). The global financial crisis,  ” greedy” wall street and bankers hence the occupy wall Street movement and not so much 9/11 but the left wing films like Fahrenheit 9/11 that seem to make the west seem like a out of control tyrant.  The list could go on, you get the idea.


Gen Z

According to recent research, Gen Z is more individualistic, more conservative both socially and fiscally, and they’re already making waves of impact on our political system.

Gen Z, those born in 1995 or later, is possibly the most conservative generation since World War II. Why is gen Z more conservative?

Crushing debt if they choose to go into over priced further educations. Terrorism perhaps. Maybe having a Ipad in their hand to be able to look up both sides of a issue rather then being indoctrinated by there teachers. This means that Gen Z although right now they are not completely to the right rather as they grow older they will be far more conservative at a younger age which could see a huge shift in politics going forward.



“Compulsorily acquired, you know what this means don’t ya? they’re acquiring it compulsorily”

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The story of The Castle. Darryl and his lawyer Dennis find themselves in over there head in courts and paperwork. Trying to resist a compulsorily acquisition of the family home. It’s not until a chance encounter with Lawrence Hamill a Queens council that they can properly defend the home. They succeed but not before a rant by Darryl “it’s not a house it’s a home”

Socialists in Australia.

This is clearly not a limited government, the idea that your house can be compulsorily acquired for the greater good is obviously a scary one. This classic movie fly’s in the face of an open socialist that is running for government in Australia’s most left wing city, Melbourne. Tim Gooden is the lead candidate for the Victorian socialists running on the 24th of November 2018. It’s amazing that people can get behind a idea which has such a horrible track record. In Venezuela the country is being run by a socialist government the lessons have not been learnt from the estimated 100+ million that died in the 20th century from a government controlled socialist economy. For instance the average Venezuelan has lost more than 20 LBS on average. Inflation has reached one million percent and people have broken into zoo’s to eat the animals.  Bright times could be on horizon.


With Gen Z starting to vote could we see a change in politics perhaps a push for deregulation and smaller government in Australia?



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