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feminist group poll’s ex-male feminists

Feminist group poll’s ex-male feminists.

Written by Sattron Ire

A group called Feminists against male-feminists (FAMF) an organisation based in Portland Has recently summarized a Survey of 100 former Male Feminists in the newest addition of FAMF MAG.


The reason the FAMF was interested in taking this survey, was to investigate the prevalence of “snakes in the grass” infiltrating feminists groups. The group has warned of the problematic male feminist fem-allies (MFFA) often on the group’s various platforms. 


Of the 100 Surveyed, 23 men expressed that the sole reason for becoming an MFFA was to gain favour among Females in hopes of a future relationship. All but one of these men were virgins at the time of being an MFFA and all 22 failed in losing their virginity and admitted to falling away from the MFFA group once they had “lost hope” of gaining a relationship and claimed competition amongst MFFA’s was too high for them to gain favour. 


” These Feminists wanted nothing to do with me sexually, which was hard for me to understand especially when they would date the type of men who they claimed to hate. It was only when one of these Men pointed out that everyone could see what I was trying to do. and that was the first time I heard the term Snake in the grass”


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The history of FAMF

In the first episode of their Podcast called Famfies awake, co-creators Elle Butchinstien and Carrol Flicker Discuss it in length.

The origins of the Famfies started in December or 2016 when Elle began seeing a young man she referred to as Chad who was in her inner circle of feminist friends.  “After Chad and I had sex for the first time, the next day he asked if I could start shaving my armpits and shower more often because it was a turn off for him” 

This is what she “realized” was the problem with male feminists and that they “always have typical toxic masculinity traits and just want to prey on woman”. It was from this that the facebook group was launched and local campuses groups began. Now into the second year, they have just released the second online magazine addition.


More findings 

the article states that 73 out of the 100, said that becoming closer to the “hetro-opposite” sex was a factor in becoming an MFFA.  

It seems the hypothesis was correct and comes as no surprise to most people that weak men would try and cosy up to the opposite sex in hopes of rating higher with them.

It’s as sad as we thought but now that there is an actual survey with some numbers to back it up  3rd wave male feminist might be even more cringy then we could have imagined. 


Written by

Sattron Ire

(Sat) is a student of psychology at North Dakota State University.  



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