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CO2, A list of the most Common myth’s

Common CO2 myth’s
There are many common CO2 myths out there, here is a list of a few.


1. CO2 is a pollutant,

This is a stretch of the definition of a pollutant. it’s an essential ingredient in life, yet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed it a pollutant. You may have heard of the burning of fossil fuels as Carbon emissions this is miss leading carbon is not Carbon Dioxide.  CO2 is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas, we breathe it in and out with every breath. It is what is needed to create food for all living things.  Some people think that it is the black smoke that comes out the exhaust pipe of a car, but that isn’t true it’s colourless, tasteless and odourless gas.


2. Higher CO2 atmospheric concentrations directly correlate with higher earth temperatures.

This is a myth with little to no evidence historically. Here is a graph with a timeline of the last 600 million years that shows no correlation. The study seems to show the direct opposite of the prevailing myth. It’s hard to say A causes B if B comes before A.

Click the link so see this study.



3. More CO2 is bad for plant life and the biomass of the world as a whole.

it’s a fact that greenhouse operators pump CO2 into their greenhouse to increase yields. As the levels rise, the rate the plant can make sugars to be stored as energy increases. More CO2 will green the earth. Compare this image with what you might have seen going around on social media websites.



4.  CO2 levels are at a level higher than ever before.

As you might have figured out from paying attention to the graphs in myth number 2 (go back and look at it if you didn’t) levels are not the highest they have ever been. Conversely, if little to no CO2 was present in the atmosphere the earth would be a dead planet. During the Cambrian explosion when life first came onto the scene CO2 levels were as high as 10 times higher than today.


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