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3 Countries that have set the table for the next Iron Lady

3 Countries that are setting the table for the next Iron Lady



They need not be a woman, but i just finished reading a book on Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher, so she has peaked my interest.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
In recent history, many a Left-wing government has been replaced by a far more staunch conservative one. Yin & Yang does seem to apply and Newton was right. Whether it was Reagan replacing Carter, Trump replacing Obama or Thatcher replacing The labour government. It seems to always happen, that a long-reigning Left-wing government is quickly and strongly changed out for a conservative one.

The Iron Lady.

Margaret Thatcher Took the driver’s seat of a country with a lacking economy an anti-capitalist culture with strong and powerful public sector unions. The government was bloated after the war, massively bureaucratic and government dependence was at an all-time high. She rejected the idea that Britain’s best days were behind her and proceeded to liberate the economy. Downsizing government, Privatizing large state-owned industries, sold off government housing allowing millions to own their own homes for the first time. She took an Axe to government spending, lowered taxes and reined in national debt.

The three countries here have some of the precise circumstances which led to Margaret Thatcher’s leadership. On top of the same circumstances add, immigration policy and they’re out of touch “fight” against climate change and the table is set.¬†




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A tax increase to fight climate change, riots ensue. Macron approval rating at hits the lowest ever recorded.



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Crime in Germany 


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More of a jello man then a Iron one.

It make take a while longer for Canada but the table is set.



Don’t say i didn’t tell you so

Sernie Banders.




Peak Oil, A Disaster that never happened

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